AgeOfSpace 2.0 the future of the game

2018-09-03 19:43:35

Hello Players

We have new news, During the month of August we have decided the creation of a new interface for the game, which will use the latest technologies to have a modern, elegant design with many more possibilities.

This new design, for us, means a big step and we hope to be able to put ourselves at the head of the browser games since this new design will allow us to expand and add new aspects to the game, such as the customization of the ships, total remodeling of the system of alliances , pve system (campaign in the game) and much more.

For this re design of the game we will use a new framework which gives us many more possibilities, but it means that we will have to rebuild the game from scratch, but this gives us the opportunity to fix some of the errors that the game had and improve many aspects, such as the protection of novices and give us the opportunity to balance some aspects of the game.

The first thing we are doing is to re-program the game, with the latest web technologies, when it is finished, we will first create a test universe in which we will identify and fix the errors that arise, once this universe of test we will create the first universe stable with the new code. Once we observe that all this stable we will go passing the old universes to the new version. The new version will use the same system of resources, ships, buildings and technologies, so no data of any account will be lost. Everything will work the same but with a much better interface. Once all the universes work stable, the next step will be to take an official app with notification system for Android and Iphone, the new version is adapted for mobile browser.

We hope that everything is ready in about 4 months, we will also publish information with the advances and the new design periodically, so that you can help giving ideas and everything necessary so that together we can build the best browser game.

To celebrate and thank all of you who have helped us to start working on this version of the game, we announce an offer of + 50% in Antimatter during this week, until the following Monday.

Thank you very much for making this possible