Game Rules

1. Accounts

You can only have one account per universe. The account must belong to a single person as the collaborative stewardship is prohibited AgeOfSpace. If you're several to connect from the same internet access point, then, see you in the next paragraph : « Multi-account ».

Connection via a mobile can cause multi-accounts with players you do not know. Please refer again to the section « Multi-Account » for more information.

The account belongs only to its owner. The email address entered in the Profile page identifies the owner at a loss password.
Therefore, when a donation account, please change the email address in the shortest possible time.

1.1. Multi-account A person can not have multiple accounts on the same universe. Two accounts are considered in multi-account when they connect to the same IP address (same box internet, public access, café, Edge, 3G, etc ...). However, if both players do not reconnect within a period of 7 days via the same IP address then the multi-account is automatically deleted. It is possible to know the list of players in multi-account with yours by going to the tab « Multi-Account » in the « Account » page.

Members of the same family can play on the same universe AgeOfSpace. They must accept the rules written in this paragraph, you do not need to declare it on the Discord section.

It is strictly forbidden to trade (whether direct or indirect, that is to say, performed by an intermediate player) to attack and spy between players in multi-account. Non-compliance with this rule will result in a penalty. Players in multi-account, however, can be in the same alliance.

1.2. Anonymous browsing To minimize cheating, misappropriation of sanction and multi-accounts team AgeOfSpace reserves the right to block any account using a VPN, an internet proxy or other means to make an anonymous account.

1.3. Co-management The collaborative stewardship is having several people who connect to the same account to play together. The collaborative stewardship is strictly prohibited AgeOfSpace.

The same person account owner can however connect to various locations (different IP address). This is not considered the collaborative stewardship.

1.4. Account donating AgeOfSpace authorizes the donation account. A person may give his account to another only under the following conditions: the client wants to stop play or the donor and the recipient wishes to exchange their account.

It is strictly forbidden to give an account against a property in exchange (except another St Ag account). We recall that the account is the property AgeOfSpace.

In addition, donations account must be declared prior to the Discord, and of course, a member of staff must be validated before the gift is effective.

The gift must respect and appreciate the above rules. A donation is fully validated once the email address of the account has been changed by a moderator. The new owner must provide their email address by PM or email.

1.5. Vacation mode If its aviable in the universe, the pause mode is activated via the "profile" of the account. The minimum duration of the pause is 72h. You must wait a minimum of 48 hours before they get back in pause mode.

The pause will stop the production of all resources. In contrast, construction, development and production of population continue to unfold during the break.

Chains and fast modes are not pause either, that is to say, that if you pause mode for 4 days, you will lose 4 days of activation of your profile.

Attacks, espionage and trade with an account in the pause mode are impossible. Only attacks and exchanges fleet are underway at the pause is completed.

It is strictly forbidden to pause mode after having made an attack. You must wait a minimum of 1 hour between the last attack and sent your paused. Failure to do so may result in a penalty on the complaint of a player.

1.6. Password: security The password is the security that prevents someone else to connect to your account, so it is recommended to choose a hard to find (avoid putting your name for example), at least 8 characters with letters, numbers and special characters.

Your password should never be disclosed. The staff will never ask for your password. However, to make a loan account, you must provide your password to another player. The staff is not responsible for any problem in this situation.

Passwords are encrypted through our servers. Therefore, the accounts can not be hacked in case the password is too simple.

1.7. Communicating AgeOfSpace The staff reserves the right to read the messages, including messages exchanged between the players, in order to verify compliance. That is to say that the systems available in the game to communicate (eg, the whispers in the "Talk" or private messages, etc ...) can be used against you in case of dispute.

By registering on one of our universe, you must give permission to the staff to read all your messages. This authorization shall be canceled automatically and only by deleting your account.

If you want to have private discussions with another player, you must use other means of communication: Skype, MSN, Facebook, etc ...

1.8. Account deletion AgeOfSpace canned, for purely technical, personal account data for a limited period of 10 days after the request to delete it. Your personal data is deleted completely and permanently from our servers after this time.

However, you always have the option to request the removal as soon as possible of their personal data contact the administrator via email address: (EMAIL)

2. Trade

Trade is only valid if there is an exchange between two players (the rules below do not apply to the use of the market).

To transact business, you must first both players have a pact. The pact can be automatic (that is to say, two players who are in the same alliance did not need to do pact between them in order to trade, as well, for two players who are in alliances "friends").

It is strictly forbidden to send resources to a strong player without a fair return (compliance rate of trade) within 48 hours after the first shipment.

2.1. Trade time Exchange lasts maximum 48 hours. However, if at the end of this period, the exchange is made ​​still unfair, then the system will give you a push time additional 24 hours to put you in good standing. After these 24 hours, if the exchange is always unfair, you must apply for a push on the Discord in the appropriate section. A moderator will handle your request and process issues, in each case, (this does not mean that you can be banned for non-compliance with the rule).

If you are in an irregular situation after an unfair exchange is completed (72 hours passed) and you have not done a "push request" on the Discord, then the two offending accounts will be punished without notice.

Players have at their disposal a page letting them know if their trade is fair or not. To do this, go to the "Trade" page, then "Push" tab.

An account that is only used in order to supply another, will be banned for life, and the "receiver" account will be punished in an exemplary manner.

2.2. Circumvention of trade rules Circumvention rules or blockages of the game, by any means whatsoever, is considered an infraction of the rules and therefore punishable.

Non-exhaustive list of prohibited actions in the game :
-Voluntarily increase the mass of resources exchanged between two accounts to be favored by 25% of allowed range.
-Crasher voluntarily ships or resources on a stronger player.
-Arranged the attacks should be avoided.
-Said triangular trade is prohibited (use a third account to compensate for the blockage by multi).

A player bypassing the regulation may be subject to penalties up to final account blocking.

3. Attacks

The attacks are prohibited to the following accounts :
-In vacation mode.
-Affected by noob protection.
-Multi-account with yours (same IP address).
-Ally with you (Auto Pact, member of the same alliance, etc ...).
-A player can only attack 6 times in a cycle of 24 hours, another player.

Management system attacks blocks any attacks that do not comply with the above rules. However, please contact Staff in the event of a problem with this driver attack.

It is strictly forbidden to circumvent the attack / low limit fort making a loan to another player for the sole purpose of changing its points. Circumvention of this limit, and whatever the means employed, will be sanctioned by a member of staff.

Finally, the staff can implement a general truce on the server, due to maintenance that was not expected, or due to any bugs on the attack. During the truce, no attack is allowed, however, espionage are allowed.

3.1. General truce The Staff may decide to establish a general truce on the universe for several reasons.
At a general truce, no attack is allowed, however, are allowed spying.

The system manages the general truce blocks only launch attacks during the truce. Therefore, it is the player who must necessarily cancel and space attacks before the break and lead for it manually. Non-compliance with this rule may justify a complaint of player who undergoes non-regulatory attack.

3.2. Moon attempts 2 allies can attack each other to try to form a moon.
If the person launching the attack has fewer points, it is mandatory to return the entire cost of the ships plus 50% as commission.

4. Alliances

Any player has the right to decide to form an alliance, however, any alliance must comply with basic rules like a decent name, a proper home page with a text without provocation and without shocking images.

Any presentation of alliance, offensive or disrespectful to (discrimination, racism, homophobia, pornography) will be subject to a penalty.

The founder is solely responsible for the content of the description of his covenant, and it will give the publishing rights only to people you trust. If the description does not comply with the rules set out above, the founder of the alliance may be temporarily or permanently banned from the game.

Alliances can establish an internal regulation, doctrine and morals.

5. Bots, scrips, bugs

5.1. Technical aids It is strictly prohibited to use bots or scripts to automate actions in the game, the user must use a browser standard to play on his account (Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome, etc ...). The use of add-ons is also prohibited. The administrator game can banish life without notice, a player does not meet the formal prohibition mentioned above.

Users can create and use word documents / excel for saving data and / or coordinates of planets, however, is strictly forbidden to scan the entire galaxy by automatic means.

5.2. Bugs and Errors AgeOfSpace is a constantly evolving game, it can happen that you encounter bugs or errors during your adventure.
These errors should be reported immediately to the Forum in the "Bug ​​and Errors".

It is strictly forbidden to use bugs / errors to his advantage under penalty of heavy penalty. Non-disclosure found a bug (beneficial or not) may also lead to a sanction.

If bug, it is possible that an error message appears on your screen, to help us to correct as soon as possible, Please save this message and send it to via the Forum Staff.

The staff can not be held responsible for problems related to a bug. Team AgeOfSpace does not reimburse losses related to an error.

6. Insults and threats

We wish to remind that this is a game, keep a correct and respectable towards other players in our community attitude.

It is strictly forbidden to write messages insulting and / or disrespectful (discrimination, racism, homophobia, pornography). Similarly, messages intended solely to provoke insults from the other party in order to get banned is prohibited and punishable.
Some community members may be young teenagers, therefore, the words may offend the sensibilities of younger are prohibited in the game, like on the Discord.

The above rules are also valid for nicks, planet names, names of alliances, descriptions of alliances, public messages (chat) and private (private message or alliance).

All threats coming out of the context of the game (threats in the context of role-play are allowed) is strictly prohibited. The moderator is the only power set the border / boundary between the role-play and "real." It may take sanctions accordingly.

A player can complain on the Discord or private message with Admin or ticket support, if one of the players in the community do not follow the rules listed in this paragraph.

6.1. Special rules for chat General chat is considered an optional service that can be withdrawn at any time without the user being able to oppose.

Therefore, a member of the AgeOfSpace team, whether moderator or administrator, can mutate (that is to say, temporarily or permanently ban a player from general chat) without having to justify it to the user. The decision can not be challenged because the "mute" does not prohibit access to the essential elements of the account.

It is strictly forbidden to write coordinate planet on the general chat, as well as the composition of an army other than his own under penalty. If you need to transmit, give via private message or whisper. It is also forbidden to advertise any other game web browser.

7. Compliance with Regulation

Non-compliance with the rules contained in this regulation may result in a penalty on the offender as well on the game account on the Discord. In addition, according to the general conditions, and the user account "physical" may be banished from all the services offered by AgeOfSpace so temporary or permanent. A moderator or administrator may re-ban an account belonging to a user who is registered (bypassing means of technical verification or not) despite its permanent or temporary ban.

In case of infraction of the rules, moderators and administrators Staff are the only ones to decide on the penalty to be applied. In addition, the staff reserves the right to refuse and / or sanction anything that may harm or ethical development of the game Any conduct detrimental to the general atmosphere of the chat will be sanctioned.

The duration of the sanction and penalty imposed depends solely on the judgment given by the moderator. The penalties vary: warning, temporary ban ranging from 1 day to several years or permanently and / or banishment from the chat.

The sanction may be appealed on the Discord, in the "Complaint", the topic title should be written as follows: "Pseudo challenges his sanction." To be as fair as possible, the punishment awarded by the moderator will be reviewed by another member of staff, as far as possible only.

Banned accounts can not be attacked for the duration of the sanction. However, during the implementation of a sanction, the account of the player is removed from the first break mode, where it is activated. This mode is not reactivated at the end of the sentence. Add the player to pause itself after the end of the period of banishment.

7.1. Disadvantages We recall that the players can not claim a refund when their accounts undergo one or more bugs / errors. If the majority of players are affected by a bug, the staff may decide to make a possible back-up (reverse) depending on the severity of it. The backups can not be performed on a single account.

A player can not claim compensation following the loss of actions performed on his behalf during a flashback of the universe.

7.2. Responsibilities Any player who accepted the settlement, accepts the consequences, including possible sanctions. These rules may be changed at any time without notice.

In addition, the new rules are retroactive, the user can not oppose at least to delete all accounts of our services.

AgeOfSpace can not be held responsible or other inconvenience caused as a result of a bug.