News ยป Under attack. V0.13.0 Update

Under attack. V0.13.0 Update

Greetings Commanders!

We know that the process of colonising is difficult to do the first time, so we have included a window in the galaxy view which shows information about the available planets to colonise in each system.

Also, in line with the last update where we improved the presentation of the planet list, this time we have included a warning to let you know which planet is under attack.

Full Changelog
-Add colonization data in galaxy view
-Add warning on planet list if planet is under attack
-In the lab now shows the level of the technology next to the title.
-Visual improvements in the ranking
-Improved chat persistence.
-Bugfix: Research time are double when on queue (visual bug)
-Visual improvement of several sections of the portal (login, register, recover account etc...)
-Improved the news section of the portal, now you can see a list and enter the details of each one.

Greetings Commanders, see you in some distant galaxy!