AgeOfSpace is a browser game (mobile app coming soon) where you take command of a planet in a vast galaxy.

It is a real-time game, that means that even if you go offline, your mines will continue to produce resources and your ships will continue to fly.


Growth and fight for be the number 1!

Once you start developing your planet and carry out the first investigations, you can start building your first ships with which you can interact with other players, either attacking them or trading with them.

Once your first planet starts growing, you can start expanding your empire by colonizing other planets!

Once you're ready, you can start fighting to be the biggest empire! Find the fleets of your enemies and destroy them so that you can then recycle the debris that forms after the battle!


Experienced development team

The game is currently in beta phase, but we have a team of expert developers who can quickly fix bugs as well as introduce new improvements.

Join the community to give any suggestions you can think of to improve AgeOfSpace!