News » Game setting & fix´s. V0.16.0 Update

Game setting & fix´s. V0.16.0 Update

Greetings Commanders.

In this update we bring the game settings, where you will find the different options to configure the game as you want.
Also, we have focused on fixing bugs.

---Game settings
-Ability to change username in a specific universe
-Ability to sort planets
-Ability to choose which planet to load first when loading the game or reloading it.
(More options will be added, suggestions welcome!)

-Now you can see the universe name in the title
-Battle simulator and battle report showed old images

---Bug fixes
-Jump gate dont work when have more that 2 moons
-Missiles produced error when backtracking
-Fixed several bugs that blocked fleets sometimes, now no fleet should be blocked at all.
-Fixed problem with fleet slots.
-Several fixes in the front end of the game.
-Fixed bug that caused battles on moons not producing debris.

The next update will be focused on improving the tutorial and creating a manual for the game.

Best regards!