Build an empire!


Develop your planets

Plan the development of your planets, in times of peace you can focus on your industry, but you never know when the war will start.


Interact with other players in a persistent universe

In AgeOfSpace it is not only important that you are a great military strategist, diplomacy is also important!

Persistent competitive game

Fight to be the best in competitive universes (soon)

In constant development

AgeOfSpace is a game in constant development, you can participate giving ideas and reporting bugs in our Discord.


New functionality
New Support System and Wiki

Greetings Commanders.

Today we announce the launch of the new game wiki and the new support system.

The new wiki can be found at

2024-05-19 16:35:01
Game setting & fix´s. V0.16.0 Update

Greetings Commanders.

In this update we bring the game settings, where you will find the different options to configure the game as you want.
Also, we have focused on fixing bugs.


Research redesign. V0.14.0 Update

Greetings again Commanders!
We bring you another small update, this time a visual redesign of the lab and all technology images and more minor visual improvements.

-Visual r