Build an empire!


Develop your planets

Plan the development of your planets, in times of peace you can focus on your industry, but you never know when the war will start.


Interact with other players in a persistent universe

In AgeOfSpace it is not only important that you are a great military strategist, diplomacy is also important!

Persistent competitive game

Fight to be the best in competitive universes (soon)

In constant development

AgeOfSpace is a game in constant development, you can participate giving ideas and reporting bugs in our Discord.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From the AgeOfSpace team we wish you a happy holiday surrounded by those you love most!
We hope that 2024 will be a great year for everyone and in which AgeOfSpace will grow a lot.

To celebrate the new year, we have enabled the "BattleShip Winter" ship in the Shipyard.
Additionally, we have put an offer on the purchase of Antimatter! All this until January 5th!
This has been in both versions of the game, the old and the new.

We are working on future updates, more information coming soon.

Greetings, AgeOfSpace team!

The pirates are coming! V0.9.0

The pirate bases have arrived in AgeOfSpace. From now on you can find them all over the galaxy!
Pirate bases are planets managed by the system. They automatically upgrade their buildings and are able to build ships and defences. They are a good target to attack, but if you constantly starve them of resources they will not be able to keep growing. These bases produce twice as many resources.

Changelog V0.9.0
-Pirate bases

-In the left sidebar, an indicator now appears on the fleets button indicating the number of allied or own fleets (previously it only appeared if there were enemy fleets).
-Fixed a bug that prevented spying on some planets.
-Fixed a bug that prevented correct selection of Galaxy or System in some mobile browsers.
-The unread message indicator did not update when reading messages.
-Fixed a bug that prevented some planets from being deleted.

In the next update we will be adding the ability to delete reports and messages, as well as a colonisation menu to make the colonisation process more intuitive. We will also focus on improving the homepage, giving the possibility to login with Gmail/Facebook account, giving the possibility to change passwords, publish game rules and more.

Greetings Commanders!

Version V 0.8.1 Released

Greetings Commanders!

We have released a minor update to the game.
In this update we have tried to solve several issues reported by players.

The next update will bring pirate planets (Account AI in the old version), accounts that are managed by the system which are able to upgrade buildings and build defences and ships. More information coming soon!

-We have added anti-accounting systems to the game. Also a log to be able to keep track of suspicious accounts.
-Fix on missile launching
-Solar satellites can no longer be sent on missions, they are stationary probes, they are not built to leave the planet.
-Recyclers can now be sent to the debris of the home planet.
-Fixed a visual bug that would stop construction time if you changed windows or minimised the browser.
-Added remaining ship construction time in the planet view.