Game Update - Version 1.8.2

2017-09-20 13:59:59

Hello Players!

Today we updated the game to version 1.8.2, this update comes with the following changes:

- From now on you will not be able to loot resources to active players if they have less than 10% of points you. (This new rule does not apply to I.A. accounts.)
-If at any time 2 players share ip, they will be blocked trading between them through the market forever
-New Records page

A greeting
The AgeOfSpace Team


Academy, achievements and more!

2017-09-12 07:14:18

We felt we were a little absent during the summer, but we came in September loaded with news.

In today's update we implemented the following
-Academy: We can get several bonuses for our empire, for now the academy points are achieved in the bonuses and the achievements.
-Achievements: We will be rewarded with achievements when fulfilling different goals, obtaining Antimater and points of academy.
-Redesigned the Visual: We redesigned the pages of: Buildings, investigations, ships and defenses.
-Some minor changes

Soon more changes and improvements will come, greetings commanders!

Achievements will be activated within a day.
-> The summer discount of 75% of Antimater will end on the 15th of this month <-


Uni 5 open!

2017-06-19 06:44:03

Universe 5 is now available!

From the AgeOfSpace team, in addition to the small improvements we make daily, we want to talk about the next update we are working on, the captains.
Captains can be assigned to fleets in battle, each captain will give a unique bonus to your fleet in battle.
Soon we will give out more information

A greeting!!


The asteroids come to AgeOfSpace!

2017-06-18 05:36:55

Greetings Commander!
The sensors of the planets have been modernized, so that now they can detect asteroids which contain resources that can be used, titanium and graphene.
These asteroids can be recycled, but you have to be quick as they appear and disappear every 12 hours!

Good luck and good hunting.
The AgeOfSpace Team


Announced universe 5

2017-06-16 20:49:11

The 06/19 will open in AgeOfSpace the universe 5.
This universe will have the same speed as the universe 4.
There is no exact opening time, a notice will be published indicating its opening.

A greeting!