New universe Demeter and updates

2019-05-14 22:14:25

Greetings Commander!

We bring some news. We open new Demeter server!
Also in this update we include many changes, this is the complete list of changes:

-We have made several changes in the accounts controlled by the system, the production of resources of these accounts will be multiplied by 2, the attacks to these accounts will create 30% of defenses to debris and only self-repair 40% of the defenses of these planets; In addition every time a new player is registered, 2 AI accounts will appear near him.
-When a player is attacked, he will have the option of repairing 30% of his destroyed fleet for free and instantaneous, this option will be available for 7 days after the attack.
-Visual changes in the alliance; we have improved how administrators can draft their alliance design, in addition to several better visuals.
-Changes in the planetary immunity system, players with more than 100k points or AI accounts will not enjoy this protection when attacked.
-Modifications in the system of recovery of advanced accounts, we have introduced this option in the Balrog and Cassiopea universes, higher accounts of the top 100 can not be recovered.
-You can change the name of the chat from the options page.

This update is implemented in the universe Demeter and will be implemented in the old universes on Wednesday to give time to adapt your strategies to these changes.

We are preparing an internal forum for each alliance to update next week.
More news soon.
A greeting from the team