Fusion of universes finalized

2018-02-23 07:13:42


The fusion of universes is completed.Universes 1 and 2 have merged into the Ares Universe and universes 4 and 5 have merged into the Ayla Universe. During these two days we have deactivated the attacks while we solved the problems that arose.
Now almost everything is solved, we will proceed to resume the attacks in the game. This will be done at 18 (GTM +1) today (23.02.2018).

If you continue to experience any type of problem please send a ticket to the support system It will be solved as soon as possible.

The universe 3 will increase its speed x20 once the attacks in the other universes are reactivated.

This week we could not do devlog for the work that has involved the merging of universes, but we are already working on this for next week.

Greetings, players!