Recovery of abandoned accounts, and more improvements

2017-06-15 18:56:56

We have started a new program to recover old accounts, all accounts marked "I.A." Can be recovered by other players, in this way all the abandoned accounts of ancient universes can be played.
We want to remind you that only one account per member per universe is allowed. Any player who is actively playing with 2 or more accounts in the same universe is subject to suspension and permanent banning from playing Age of Space. In the next days the Age of Space Team will review many accounts.

Also in this new update we bring improvements to the market, such as the search table can be ordered.

A reason to upgrade your Jumpgate! When you upgrade your jumpgate this is what you will get , each upgrade will shorten the amount of time you have to wait between jumps.
These are the new times:
Level 1: 1h 30 min
Level 2: 1h 15 min
-Level 3: 1h
Level 4: 45 min
Level 5 or higher: 30 min

In the works are a new system of wars between the alliances.
From Everyone on the Age of Space Team we thank you for all of your support!
We are preparing an event to soon finish the Universe 3.

A greeting!