2018-10-29 02:08:37


The Cassiopea server has just been opened!
This new server will come with twice the speed as the Balrog server.

On this server we want to try things that we are preparing for the new version as a new system of novice protection.

In addition, this server will be the first to receive the new version when the old universes are passed to the new version.

We will maintain the 50% Antimatter offer until the end of Halloween.

We have also received some complaints from some players about the delay in the support of the game, this has been for the great work involved in the new version, but we are committed to give a faster support from now.

A greeting!


AgeOfSpace 2.0 the future of the game

2018-09-03 20:43:35

Hello Players

We have new news, During the month of August we have decided the creation of a new interface for the game, which will use the latest technologies to have a modern, elegant design with many more possibilities.

This new design, for us, means a big step and we hope to be able to put ourselves at the head of the browser games since this new design will allow us to expand and add new aspects to the game, such as the customization of the ships, total remodeling of the system of alliances , pve system (campaign in the game) and much more.

For this re design of the game we will use a new framework which gives us many more possibilities, but it means that we will have to rebuild the game from scratch, but this gives us the opportunity to fix some of the errors that the game had and improve many aspects, such as the protection of novices and give us the opportunity to balance some aspects of the game.

The first thing we are doing is to re-program the game, with the latest web technologies, when it is finished, we will first create a test universe in which we will identify and fix the errors that arise, once this universe of test we will create the first universe stable with the new code. Once we observe that all this stable we will go passing the old universes to the new version. The new version will use the same system of resources, ships, buildings and technologies, so no data of any account will be lost. Everything will work the same but with a much better interface. Once all the universes work stable, the next step will be to take an official app with notification system for Android and Iphone, the new version is adapted for mobile browser.

We hope that everything is ready in about 4 months, we will also publish information with the advances and the new design periodically, so that you can help giving ideas and everything necessary so that together we can build the best browser game.

To celebrate and thank all of you who have helped us to start working on this version of the game, we announce an offer of + 50% in Antimatter during this week, until the following Monday.

Thank you very much for making this possible


Devlog 2 - New universe

2018-06-01 05:50:36

Hello players!

First of all apologize, it has been a few months since the last devlog. With the merging of the universes we saw that some errors had been formed and that there was slowness in the game.

So we did a great restructuring of the code, updated to php 7.2 and many libraries that we use. Now the game goes much faster and without any errors. Also during this time we have remodeled several pages of the game and changed the appearance of the game making it much more friendly.

We have also added a new interactive tutorial that we hope will help players in their first steps, this tutorial replaces the first missions.

Now that we have the game stable and without errors we have decided to open a new universe, which will be called "Balrog" which will open in the next hours. We hope to give new players a chance to reach the top 1!

Because the previous forum was very badly organized we decided to delete it and start again, for now there will only be the 2 most used languages of the game that are English and Spanish, we will soon add more sections.

You can find the changelog of this devlog on the forum or on this link

Forum AgeOfSpace


Fusion of universes finalized

2018-02-23 08:13:42


The fusion of universes is completed.Universes 1 and 2 have merged into the Ares Universe and universes 4 and 5 have merged into the Ayla Universe. During these two days we have deactivated the attacks while we solved the problems that arose.
Now almost everything is solved, we will proceed to resume the attacks in the game. This will be done at 18 (GTM +1) today (23.02.2018).

If you continue to experience any type of problem please send a ticket to the support system It will be solved as soon as possible.

The universe 3 will increase its speed x20 once the attacks in the other universes are reactivated.

This week we could not do devlog for the work that has involved the merging of universes, but we are already working on this for next week.

Greetings, players!


Devlog 1 v1.9.1

2018-02-15 16:00:10

Hello Players!
Today we inaugurate this new section "devlog", in this new section we will talk about all the changes we make in the game. We will try to write a Devlog every week.
In this week we have added numerous changes in AgeOfSpace.

-Fusion of universes.
The first thing to talk about is the fusion of universes.
Finally we are going to merge universe 1 with universe 2 and universe 4 with universe 5. Universe 2 will be placed in the 11/20 galaxies of universe 1, the same will happen with universe 5, which will be placed in the galaxies 11/20 of the universe 4.

Players who have more than one account in universes that are going to be merged, please contact the administration through or

The merger will take place on Tuesday the 20th of this month, during the merger, the universes will be down for at least 1 hour. Universe 1 and 2 will be renamed "Ares" and universe 4 and 5 will be renamed "Ayla". Players who have been in the universes before the fusion will receive a plaque on their profile indicating to which universe they belonged before the merger in your profile.

We know that this is a measure that is not liked by all players, but it is something necessary and we hope that we do not have to do it again for a long time.

-Final event of the universe 3

After a long time, we have prepared the end of universe 3, we feel the wait.
The start of the event will be after the merger of universes on Tuesday 20, that day the speed of construction, research and production will increase by 20, being a universe much faster and giving opportunity to participate in the event to players with lower score. At that moment, a countdown of 7 days will begin, when finished, 9 planets will appear, 1 in the center of each galaxy, with a large number of defenses. The players of the alliance that manages to control the 9 planets during 7 days will be reflected in the hall of fame of AgeOfSpace, in addition to 30k Antimatter in the universe they want.

- New looting system:
 We have redesigned the looting, before, as you could loot half of resources, now you can loot all the resources of the planet, but we have added 3 new buildings that will protect our resources from looting, have added the titanium bunker, graphene and deuterium, for each level of this building, 10,000 units of each resource will be protected, even though the maximum level of these buildings is 10, therefore only 100,000 units of each resource can be protected.
With this we want to protect new players, without removing the ability to plunder the most advanced players. In the next week we hope to implement a system whereby honor level is lost when attacking low level active players. We will inform you in the next Devlog.

- Terraforming technology
We have added a new technology, which for each level increases 1 field on each planet to build more buildings.

With this new technology we intend to reduce the construction time when a player reaches very high level of development, for each level of this technology is reduced in 1 day construction time as long as you have the factory of nanobots at level 5 on the planet .

-The recovery of abandoned accounts has been limited to accounts of 100,000 points, and repairs and improvements have been made in the advanced accounts recovery page.

- Minor arrangements
We have made some changes to the game's login, we have added error messages, improved registration and some minor changes
Fix in missile attack
Fix in fleets
Fix in I.A. (1/2)
Fix in simulator

Thank you very much for your support, do not forget that you can discuss the development of the game in our international telegram group or in our group in Spanish