Bank of alliance, new support system and German

2017-06-04 15:28:45

Hello players.
We have launched the alliance bank, which allows members of an alliance to donate resources so that they can then give it to members who need them.
There will soon be many more improvements to the alliance system.

In addition, due to the problems with the current support system, we have created a new system to meet all the needs of users in the most effective way, you can find it at

In addition, we are happy to officially take the German in the game.


Graphic update and more

2017-05-12 02:58:09

Hello players.
We have just introduced new the new graphical interface of the buildings, it is not perfect but it is a base to build a better game.
We are working hard on improvements to the alliances, in the next few days we will gradually introduce all the improvements we have created for the alliance plus a update for the chat that solves the errors we have found so far.
a greeting


Chat upgrade to version 2

2017-04-24 14:18:47

We updated the chat to version 2.0. This version comes with a new interface and many improvements that will make the chat go much faster and more fluid.
In addition, the mobile version of the chat comes with many improvements, so that now chat from the mobile version will be much better.

To be able to visualize the new version of the chat one has to eliminate the cache of our navigator, if you do not know like, you can visit this web


New news system

2017-04-17 11:55:38

AgeOfSpace, is a game in constant evolution, in the last days we have expanded the team of programmers to be able to make of AgeOfSpace a great game, we have a great variety of improvements that we will be introducing little by little in the game, the improvements that we hope To be able to implement throughout this month of April are:
-New system of vision in 3d of the buildings
-Update chat update
-Rework merchant
-Rework Alliance

These days we will respond to all the support tickets that are pending and we hope to solve any problems quickly.

From now on we hope to get a weekly update of the game, which we will explain through this new news system