Black Friday

2017-11-23 23:42:20

Greeting Players!

Black Friday has reached AgeOfSpace. During this weekend, when you buy antimatter you will receive 4 times more the amount you have bought!
In addition, we have prepared several bonuses, to be able to take better advantage of Antimatter, these are all the available bonuses:
-Antimatter x4 when buying it
-Captain at 50% discount
-Officers with a 20% discount
-Improved with a 50% discount
-Options premium with a 50% discount
-Move planets with a 75% discount

These offers will end on Monday the 27, in which the end of universe 3 will be announced.

Also announce that we are preparing a major update, which will include new buildings and research, in addition to a redesign of the looting formula when attacking planets. We are also working on solving the problem that causes some fleets to attack to get stuck and the problem that makes the accounts I.A. become inactive, soon you will have news!

Thank You for on going support of AgeOfSpace.